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iPhone 2.0

I finally got 2.0 up and running on my 2G iPhone (no plans on purchasing the 3G…I’ll wait until the next rev).

Here are my thoughts.  Not in any particular order though.


Overall, this is worth the price of admission.  I’ve downloaded a number of apps, utilities, games, and an eBook, and am very impressed with most of them.  My overall favorites are Pandora (free for the time being), Bloomberg (really needs a new icon though as the current icon is rather unsightly), and Shazam (again, currently free).

For those who aren’t aware, Pandora is a free radio located at http://www.pandora.com.  I have my radio set up for a few artists, such as R.E.M, Natalie Merchant, and Fleetwood Mac, and am very happy with the service, even over EDGE.  I’m hoping this service introduces me to a few new artists as my iTunes library is sorely dated.

Shazam is the kind of app I’ve always wanted, but didn’t know it.  It “listens” to whatever song is playing (radio, store, etc) and can tell you who the artist is.  This has always annoyed me about radio stations.  They play music, but rarely tell you whose song it is.  And guess what?  Shazam works marvelously.

Bloomberg.  This is what the stock app should have been.  News, stock, charts…I love the app.

What amazes me more than anything is these apps are free.  FREE!

Let’s see, what else about the new software.  It is a bit laggy, in that scrolling can hang up for a second…or typing…or web browsing.  Also, I’ve noticed a lot more GPRS roaming than I did before, but that could be network related, or I was so used to seeing a blank square that I notice the new logo (square with a dot) more than I did before.  Finally, battery life seems to have decreased somewhat, but I think it’s due to more network activity (and that fact that the Aurora Feint game is so damn addicting…again, another free app).

So, is it worth it.  The AppStore makes it a resounding yes.  As for everything else…well, I’m waiting for 2.0.1.

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