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Building a house (third time’s the charm)

Well, we decided to build yet again. This is going to be our third house in almost 10 years! I think we’re getting really good at it now. Seems in every house we always forgot something or didn’t know it was even an option. This time, we’re getting all the infrastructure options. What do I mean?

Here’s a sampling of what I’m talking about.

200 amp service-this is a must, and I’ve gotten it in every house so far. Not easily changed, so do it in the beginning.

Tall ceilings-can’t stress enough. It makes the house feel much bigger than it is.

Extra row or two of concrete in basement. Easily convert into usable living space.

Egress for basement. Either bilco door, welled entrance, or any other type of entrance.

Wiring chase from basement to attic. You never know when you’ll need more low voltage.

And speaking of…get all cabling (cable, phone, network) all homerunned to a specific place (near the chase). Then use patch panels to distribute whatever it is.

And one more cable thing…always run more cable than you think you need. If you need two, go three (and so on).

And I’m sure there’s more, but these are very important to get right.

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